Part 1: Welcome to One2N

Welcome to One2N! We are glad to have you join us.

0️⃣ Before you join

Before you join, you will receive an appointment letter from our People Operations team. As a first step, you need to submit a signed copy of the document for our records.
You will also receive communication regarding your first day, such as when you should log in/reach the office, whom to connect to, etc.
Additionally, the team will reach out for details such as
  • T-shirt size,
  • Current address for correspondence and
  • Any hardware requirements, e.g., Laptop, Type C adapter, etc.
You will receive the hardware and a welcome kit from us on or before your joining date. If you are in Pune, these will be handed over to you in person.

1️⃣ On your first day

Your first day will likely start a bit late, around 11 am. Our HR team will be your point of contact for policies and people operations at One2N. They will walk you through primary onboarding formalities, such as creating your One2N email id and Slack accounts, document submissions, team introductions, etc. For the One2N email, set up 2-factor authentication when you log in.
For your 1st month, you will be assigned a buddy from the One2N team. The buddy is your go-to person to ensure you don’t feel isolated at One2N in the early days. Please feel free to ping or call the buddy anytime to find something out. In due time, we will invite you to be a buddy to a new person, and you can pay it forward. 😇
It does take time for any new joiner to understand the new culture and environment. We encourage you to ask questions, talk to teammates, and simply reach out if you have any doubts.

✅ Checklists to complete

In your first week, there will be a bunch of things that you’ll have to complete. This includes things like:
  • Setting up your device (we have automated most of this via our laptop script)
  • Completing your employee profile
  • Adding you and your family members to a health insurance policy (sponsored by the company)
  • Go through this Playbook 😃
Refer to the following page for more details on what to do in the first week of your joining One2N.
First Week Todos