Hardware Policy

💻 Hardware equipment provided

We usually provide the following hardware.
  • Laptop - 16GB RAM, 256/512 HDD. Either a Dell XPS or a Macbook is provided, based on hardware availability and your role. For the SRE role, we highly recommend using Dell XPS (Linux OS) since most of the work you do daily requires strong familiarity with the Linux operating system. For the Backend Software Engineer role, we recommend a Macbook.
  • USB-C adaptor
  • Monitor - This purchase is typically approved after you complete 3 months with the company.
  • Mouse
Cost for any requirements apart from these will have to be borne by you, unless approved in advance.

🧰 Repairs and replacement

We expect you to treat any company hardware with care. Use it like it’s your own device, take care of it, clean the screens, and don’t drop coffee on it.
We get an extended warranty (total of 3 years) for our laptops. Most hardware faults (e.g., battery and fan issues, keyboard key not working, etc.) are covered as part of this warranty; exceptions are accidental physical damage or liquid damage. In case of accidental damage, the cost of repairs is borne by you.
If the laptop given to you requires any repairs, please follow the following process:
  1. Inform your team lead and the admin of the issue, either via Slack or email.
  1. If you use a Dell device, contact their service center to initiate a complaint. We prefer you to do this first call at your end since Dell typically asks you to run some tests before they take requests. Since you know the issue firsthand, this can reduce delays. Sometimes, the issue may get resolved without any further repairs.
  1. If you are in Pune, you can coordinate with the admin directly to submit your device and get the replacement.
  1. If you are remote, the admin will send you a replacement device. After you receive it, you can courier the faulty device to the Pune office. Courier expenses will be reimbursed.