First Week Todos

💻 Setting up your laptop

  • Run the laptop script based on your OS to set up the development environment. Refer to the readme file in the repo for more up-to-date information. We are opinionated about tools and have carefully chosen the tools we use daily to be installed via this script. If you have any recommendations for tools you can’t live without, feel free to submit a PR to the laptop repo.
  • GSuite: You will receive your One2N Google account credentials on your personal Gmail account. Please set up 2-factor authentication when you log in, or else your account will be locked after 7 days. Also, don’t forget to upload your profile picture on the One2N Google account.
  • Slack: This is the primary mode of communication within the company. Make sure that you follow the appropriate Slack etiquette. You can log in as long as you have a One2N Google Account. By default, you will be added to our most common channels, such as #engineering, #leaves, #office, #wins, etc. Explore other channels and get to know the team. Also, don’t forget to upload your profile picture on One2N Slack.
  • Razorpay: We use Razorpay as a self-service platform for most HR and accounting work, such as managing salaries, leaves, taxation, etc. You will need to set up your profile, add a photo and update your important information as requested by the People Operations team. Razorpay platform is used for:
    • Salary disbursal, salary slips, and Form 16
    • Tax declarations and reimbursements
    • Leave tracking
  • PlumHQ: We use Plum as our self-service platform for health insurance needs. You will need to sign up on Plum and set up your account there. For more details, read
    Group Health Insurance
  • We encourage you to update your social media profiles (Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) to include One2N as your current employer.

🎍 Completing your employee profile

As a company, we will request certain documents to complete HR and accounting requirements. Our HR team will share the relevant forms and help you complete your Razorpay profile in the first week. Here’s a list of some things we need you to complete.
  • Onboarding form: This will capture your personal information such as Date of Birth, Emergency contact, Bank account for Salary Transfer, etc.
  • Form 12 BB for the tax declaration.
  • Documents to be submitted
    • Universal Account Number (UAN) for Provident Fund (PF)
    • PAN and Aadhar
  • Tax declaration on Razorpay

🏋️ Starting the bootcamp

We have designed extensive bootcamps for the two roles we are hiring for.
Ideally, on your first day, we’d like you to start with the first exercise of the bootcamp. We aim for you to complete the first assignment in your bootcamp and push the code changes to production.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Getting to know the team

In your first few weeks, we highly encourage you to contact other team members to learn more about their work. Ask your buddy to introduce you to other team members you can network with. When meeting team members, introduce yourself, talk about your background, ask them what got them to work at One2N, their journey so far, etc.