Benefits and Perks

🌍 Remote working

Most of us work remotely from home or in a co-working space. You can choose where you want to work from - as long as you ensure you finish your work.
We have defined some guidelines to ensure that productivity levels are the same whether you are working remotely or from an office. We try to ensure that remote work is flexible and inclusive. We expect you to follow the guidelines and ensure your work meets the expectations.
For more details on how we work remotely, refer
Navigating Remote Work
Occasionally, we ask team members to work from a common location for a short while, usually in Pune. This can be at the start of a new project, or when a new member joins the team, or in case of a company-wide event. This helps everyone know their colleagues better and just have fun occasionally, with faces you rarely see otherwise. We sponsor the travel and stay for such short trips (usually less than two weeks).

💰 Clear salary structure

We don’t complicate the CTC with many sections that make it harder to understand your actual take-home salary. Instead, our salary structure typically consists of a fixed monthly salary + variable performance bonus up to x amount to be paid out at the end of the year. The performance bonus does not apply to every individual.
Although the exact in-hand salary cannot be calculated until your tax declarations are clear, we typically share the approximate calculation with you along with your appointment letter. This is done to give you better clarity on the salary front.

💼 Sane working hours

We work Monday to Friday. Weekends are off. Working after office hours is not encouraged or appreciated.
If you’re an SRE, you may be responsible for on-call from time to time, say for a week in a month at maximum. This depends on the client projects you’re working on.
We have no fixed in-time and out-time as such. Generally, employees log in between 9:00 am to 10:00 am and log out around 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm IST.
When you’re in a team, we expect you to match the general working hours of the team.

🏥 Health insurance

We provide a health insurance cover of 5 lakhs cover for you and your family (spouse and two children) over and above the CTC. i.e., the premium for this is paid by the company.
For more details, refer to the following link.
Group Health Insurance

🌴 Flexible leave policy

We go with a trust-by-default model, so all leaves are pre-approved. When you apply for a leave, it is just logged as an FYI for other team members and for compliance.
We expect you to be responsible when taking leaves. We do not track leaves to penalize you for extra leaves, if any. We are a small enough organization where we can trust everyone to act in the interest of their team, and we hope it continues to be so.

📢 Weekly tech talks

We have weekly tech sessions, where team members present their learnings via tech talks. So far, we have conducted more than 70 weekly internal knowledge-sharing sessions. Some past session topics are: Docker deep dive, Stateful workloads in Kubernetes, REST API design, How to explore unknown codebases, etc.
Everyone on the team looks forward to these sessions. We expect you to participate, not because we ask you to, but because you like to. When you join us, we will help you prepare your own session. This will help you improve your communication and presentation skills.

📖 O’Reilly books subscription

We have a paid subscription for O’Reilly books, we will share the details with you upon joining. O’Reilly has a huge catalog of books, videos, and learning paths that are immensely useful for everyone in tech. We have built various playlists, such as:
  • One2N must read - a collection of must-read books for everyone in One2N
  • Site Reliability Engineering - a collection of books and videos related to SRE
  • Software Engineering - a collection of books and videos if you want to get better at backend system architecture and system design

🔬 Self-improvement time

We ask everyone on the team to carve out at least 1 hr daily to get better at the craft. Use this time to read a book, try out POCs, explore the tool documentation, etc. We have prepared bootcamps for backend engineer and site reliability engineer roles. These will help you figure out your improvement areas, and you can focus on improving daily.
Lastly, here’s what we think about benefits and perks.
You should join a company for the values, not just for the benefits and perks. These will anyway follow if you’re aligned with values.