How to measure your success for the Linux CLI building level?

Congratulations on completing the Linux CLI exercises. At this point:
  • You have the confidence to build other small cli or toy programs in Go. e.g If grep took you 1 week to finish, target to complete the tree command in less time than that, while still maintaining good code quality, test cases etc. Learning happens by deliberate spaced repetition with feedback.
  • You are able to read, write and search into files. You can now deal with large number of files as well as large file sizes (files that don’t fit in RAM). This knowledge is very useful when building scalable systems.
  • You have used goroutines and channels in practice. Not in some toy example, but to solve a real world use case. You understand how you can optimise the program - CPU bound vs IO bound work. Testing such implementation is next level stuff and you have some ideas how you can go about unit testing such implementation.
TODO: Add more points.