Leave and Holiday Policy

We expect you to be responsible when taking leaves. As long as you plan for it and inform your team in advance, you are welcome to take leave:
  • to take a break from work
  • to go on a vacation
  • to attend a family function, meet friends, etc.
However, unprofessional behaviour such as follows doesn’t fit into our culture:
  • tendency to apply for planned leaves on the same day, regardless of the reason
  • not showing up for work and not informing the team that you will be absent
  • not ensuring knowledge transfer, if any, before going on leaves, which impacts deliverables
Basically, think about how you would want your team to behave when it comes to leaves. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like to be done to you.
This leave policy includes the following sections.

📇 Leave structure

We follow the following leave allocation
  • 1.5 days of leaves accrue per month (a total of 18 leaves per financial year)
  • 2 floating holidays over and above the 18 leaves
  • Leaves are pro-rated based on your joining date
  • Up to 12 unused leaves get carried forward to the next year (or can be encashed during full and final settlement in case you leave the company)
  • Any leaves taken beyond your leave balance will be considered unpaid leaves

New joiners

If you are a new joiner, any leave in the first month of joining will be considered unpaid leave, unless pre-approved before the joining date itself, or in special circumstances (e.g., emergencies, sickness, death in the family, examinations, etc). You typically undergo a rigorous bootcamp to level up your skills in the first month of joining. We want you to complete the bootcamp on time, hence this policy.
For example, if you want to take a vacation after leaving your last job, please do - we’ll be okay to change your joining date accordingly. However, if you take a week-long vacation in the 1st month of joining without informing us beforehand, that would be unpaid leave.

Employees on notice period

Any pre-approved leave will be honored if you are on notice period. However, if any leaves during the notice period are likely to impact your handover process, the approval may be revoked, or the leave may be treated as unpaid.
During the notice period, all leaves aside from weekly offs and declared holidays are considered unpaid leaves (except in special circumstances, for example, emergencies, or death in the family).
Up to 12 leaves from your leave balance can be encashed at the time of your Full and Final settlement. All other leave credit balances will lapse on the day of notice.

🤠 Special leaves

  • 👨‍👩‍👧 Paid Parental Leave:
    • Maternity Leave: If you are an expecting mother, you can apply for this leave 8 weeks before the Estimated Delivery Date. Postpartum leave duration is up to 18 weeks after Delivery Date.
    • Partner Leave: As a spouse of the expectant mother, you can apply for Partner leave up to 10 working days after the delivery date.
  • 💑 Personal life event - Wedding: You can apply for up to 14 days long leave (including weekends and holidays).
  • 🙏 Personal life event - Death of a family member: You can apply for up to 14 days long leave (including weekends and holidays).
  • 🧑🏻‍🦽 Very Sick leave (prolonged sickness beyond 2 weeks): We may approve additional prolonged leave on a case-to-case basis, even if your leave balance has run out.
Any special leave approval may be subject to review and approval on a case-to-case basis.

🤔 When to apply?

We have the following guideline when applying for leaves in One2N. As a general rule, apply for any leave well in advance. It will help your team plan their work better.
  • Sick/emergency leaves: apply on the same day as soon as possible
  • Casual/Personal leaves: apply at least 3 days in advance.
  • Long Vacations (5 or more days) : apply at least 1 month in advance.
Note: All Leave and Holiday policies are subject to change upon periodical review.