1 - Create a simple REST API Webserver

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the best practices for REST APIs.
  • Learn about the Twelve-Factor App methodology.

Problem Statement

Create a student CRUD REST API using any programming language and web framework of your choice. You can choose to use any of the following:
  • Golang and Gin
  • Java and Spring Boot
  • Python and Flask
  • Node.js etc.

Functional Requirement

Using the API we should be able to perform the following operations.
  • Add a new student.
  • Get all students.
  • Get a student with an ID.
  • Update existing student information.
  • Delete a student record.


The following expectations should be met to complete this milestone.
  • Create a public repository on GitHub.
  • The repository should contain the following
    • README.md file explaining the purpose of the repo, along with local setup instructions.
    • Explicitly maintaining dependencies in a file ex (pom.xml, build.gradle, go.mod, requirements.txt, etc).
    • Makefile to build and run the REST API locally.
    • Ability to run DB schema migrations to create the student table.
    • Config (such as database URL) should not be hard-coded in the code and should be passed through environment variables.
    • Postman collection for the APIs.
  • API expectations
    • Support API versioning (e.g., api/v1/<resource>).
    • Using proper HTTP verbs for different operations.
    • API should emit meaningful logs with appropriate log levels.
    • API should have a /healthcheck endpoint.
    • Unit tests for different endpoints.

Further Reading